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Image by Darrin Moore

Release/Consent of
Medical Treatment

I/We do hereby release and discharge the Decatur County Girls Softball Association and the respective staff and volunteers of any and all rights and claims for damage resulting from injury of my person or property, which may be sustained or suffered by me in connection with my association with or participating in activities connected with the Decatur County Girls Softball Association. Furthermore, I/We give permission for emergency treatment of our child for illness/injury if we cannot first be contacted.

JEWELRY: The only jewelry a player may wear during a game is medical jewelry, and this must be taped. She may be warned once and if the warning goes unheeded, she will be asked to leave the game. This is at the umpire’s discretion. If jewelry is illegally worn and the girl is injured, the Decatur County Girls' Softball Association is NOT responsible for the injury. 

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